Termidor SC Termiticide

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Termidor SC contains the active ingredient Fipronil, it is a termiticide/insecticide used for the control of many different species of termites and other common insects.

Termites, Ants and other labelled pests will ingest or come into conttact with the insecticide and then transfer it to their nest, eliminating the colony.

Termidor SC is an effective non-repellent

Tools Needed

To apply Termidor SC, you will need either a handheld pump sprayer, a backpack sprayer, or a spray rig for large volume applications. For use as a termite trench treatment, you will need a pickaxe or shovel to dig the trench, and a bucket with at least a 5 gallon capacity to mix and apply the Termidor.

How to Use

    • Step 1: First, you will need to determine how much Termidor SC you will need for your application. Measure your treatment area in square feet. You can find your treatment area’s size by measuring its length and width in feet, and then multiplying the results together (length x width = square feet). 

      For termite trenching, measure the perimeter of the structure in feet. Termidor SC can be mixed between 0.4 fluid ounces per gallon of water to 1.6 fluid ounces per gallon of water depending on the desired dilution ratio. For most applications, we recommend using 0.8 fluid ounces of Termidor per gallon of water for a 0.06% dilution. For general exterior surface spraying, one gallon of Termidor dilution will treat about 1,000 square feet. For termite trenching, you will need 4 gallons of Termidor dilution to treat 10 linear feet.


    • Step 2: For exterior surface applications with a one gallon sprayer, fill your sprayer about a quarter of the way full. Then add 0.8 fluid ounces of Termidor SC to the tank. Fill the sprayer the rest of the way with water to the one gallon mark, and then shake the sprayer to agitate and create a thorough mix. 

      For termite trenching applications, mix 0.8 fluid ounces of Termidor per gallon of water in a bucket up to 4 gallons. It is easier to use a 5 gallon bucket so that it will not be filled to the brim and willl help prevent spilling. To create a 4 gallon solution, you will need 3.2 fl. oz. of Termidor (0.8 fl. oz per gallon of water).


  • Step 3: For exterior surface applications, apply Termidor SC as a low pressure, coarse spray. Spray up to an 18-inch wide band around common insect entry points, such as around doors, windows, vents, where plumbing penetrates the walls, where wires enter the structure, and any other openings. Also treat the perimeter of the house or structure by spraying where the ground meets the foundation, spraying one foot up the structure and one foot out. 

    For termite trenching applications, dig a trench around the structure’s perimeter 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Hang on to the displaced soil as it will be used to backfill the trench after application. Because you will be applying 4 gallons of Termidor solution per 10 linear feet, it is helpful to create a dam with the soil every 10 feet of trench to section off each 10 foot stretch. Pour your finished Termidor solution in each 10 foot stretch. Then backfill by replacing the displaced soil. Be sure to pack the soil down for adequate distribution.

Where to Use

Termidor SC can be used to treat pre and post-construction of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential structures and utility enclosures. It can be used on exterior surfaces, in voids, exterior crawl spaces, perimeter trenches, under concrete slabs, and in interior wall voids.

When to Use

Use Termidor SC for both treatment and prevention of termites and other listed pests. Apply Termidor on calm days when rain is not in the immediate forecast. Do not treat water-saturated or frozen soil. For general pest control at a 0.06% dilution, Termidor is limited to only be applied 2 times per calendar year.

Safety Information

Termidor SC is safe to use around pets and children when applied according to label directions. Everyone should be kept off the treated area until it is completely dry. Always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when applying.

Special Considerations

It is important to properly identify the targeted termite species. Termidor SC is labelled for a variety of termites, but is not labelled to control Formosan termites.